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Listen to PFY's Intro Message

“The Revolutionary Idea of PFY”  This is the topical sermon by Howard A. Tryon, Jr, Executive Director, PFY, presenting the idea of PFY and challenging believers to implement its principles. Hosted at Calvary Community in Phoenix, Arizona

 spk_icon.jpg Click here to play PFY's introductory sermon

Watch PFY's Intro Message

“The Revolutionary Idea of PFY”  This is the topical sermon by Howard A. Tryon, Jr, Executive Director, PFY, presenting the idea of PFY and challenging believers to implement its principles.

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Consider Equipping Your Fellowship in PFY

Since 1991 Praying For You has trained believers, ministry groups, and churches across America and around the world to reach non-Christians through relational prayer witnessing.  Over the years PFY has seen thousands come to Christ whether family members, friends, work associates, neighbors, through kindness and prayer.  As you explore this website prayerfully consider bringing PFY training to your fellowship.  

Here's what Christian leaders are saying about Praying For You...

  • "a spiritual breakthrough" - Dr. Donald Campbell, President Emeritus, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • "unique, Biblical, non-threatening" - Dr. Norman Geisler, President, Evangelical Theological Society
  • "a masterpiece for local church evangelism" - Dr. Ruben Conner, President Emeritus, U.E.M.
  • "may be the most effective way of evangelism presented in the past several decades" - Review and Expositor
  • "Praying For You is an extraordinary piece of work... a breath of fresh air in making evangelism personal and impact full."  - Dr. Tony Evans, Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

  • "If the principles in Praying For You were practiced regularly by believers in America, we would soon have the greatest response to the gospel this land has ever seen.”
    - Dr. Ted Martin, Campus Crusade for Christ

To grasp the idea of PFY and how it will work for you and your congregation...

Watch PFY's Intro Message Moive Icon Click here

Listen to PFY's Intro Message (Calvary Community, AZ) spk_icon.jpg Click here

You can receive PFY training in 3 ways: Live, DVD, or Online.
Howard Tryon


Howard has worked extensively in urban evangelism, church planting, and local church ministry. For two decades he has trained believers, ministry groups and Churches to reach non-Christians through relational prayer witnessing.  Howard has worked with various denominational churches, equipping up to 6,000 Christians at a time.

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For those who do not desire live training, you can now equip your home Bible study, small group, Sunday school class, or entire church congregation to become more effective in evangelism and prayer by using PFY’s new DVD series.  This 5 disk, 7 part DVD series is great for training ministry groups from youth to the eldest members of your fellowship.

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With the power of the internet you can personally become equipped by viewing "Praying For You" training series in the comfort of your home.  All you need is a computer and high-speed (broadband) internet connection to tap you into this valuable resource.

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